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welcome to key corporate solutions & Co - Key Corporate Solutions & Partners (Co)

Who We Are

Created in 1997 by Jean-Michel Kadaner, prior to founding his firm, he has been involved in Fortune 50 Corporate Purchasing activities for 22 Years, both in America’s and Europe’s largest Telecom Multinational Companies.


Our clients over the last 16 years, with more than 4.0 billion € audited and improved, reflect a broad range of manufacturing and service industries, from Automotive,Pharmaceutical, Banking, Military and Civil Administrations and Industries.


We are .....

What We Do

Whether large or small, we assess the entire management, process chain and components from obtaining information, buying transient travel and mice services, to the settlement process trough reporting/controlling.


We elaborate the convergences between transient and your mice spend, if any......

Why us ? Be different !

It’s all about sharing. Sharing our passion, sharing our vision, sharing our knowledge and aligning it yo your needs and objectives.


Travel is a consulting niche where only a few independant experts provide continuous services to customer companies.Globaly and localy.....

Our Vision

The winds of change, changing relationships, from antagonistic to collaborative, changing behavior from egocentric, customer centric to responsible and empowered.

Travel and Mice are essential to .....