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What We Do

Whether large or small, we assess the entire management, process chain and components from obtaining information, buying transient travel and mice services, to the settlement process trough reporting/controlling.


We elaborate the convergences between transient and your mice spend, if any.


We have developed tools and automated methods to analyze and benchmark:

     The overall maturity and quality of your program and Travel Management Organization

     Your Travel & Purchasing policy components

     Your sourcing practice for Air, Hotel, Car rental and Mice

     Our SCOC © (Spend Category Ownership Cost) methodology, will calculate your today’s ROI and help define your cost improvement and quality roadmap.


We develop with you your strategic and improvement plan, component by component in a modular way and assist you and your team to implement it.


Should you require tendering, we accompany you in applying our electronic tendering methods for RFI’s and RFP’s in the following domains:


     Travel Management Companies services and related subcomponents, such as mobility management, traveler’s tracking and Carbone footprint.

     Air, Hotel and Ground Transportation for transient travel and Mice

     End-to-end Electronic solutions for booking to settlement of the expenses and electronic invoicing for transient travel and mice.

     Alternatively stand alone solutions for the above.

     Consolidated Card payment program and payment systems to simplify cost accounting and controls


An effective program management should combine the establishment of a comprehensive travel and meeting policies, comprising CSR elements in a workable framework for good communication and improved security and controls.


Improved, implemented and managed, your policy drives vendor compliance, avoids unnecessary travel and improves your organization’s ability to capture critical management and purchasing data.


The policy elements provide the platform to improve data transparency for both spend management and traveler security programs.


We provide a variety of travel policy and governance services for complex travel programs. Critical success factors such as objectives, responsibilities, content, change management, communication, consequences and monitoring are key and part of our support program.


Last but not least, we have developed a set of educational and add-hoc coaching programs to help you and your team to stay ahead of market changes and evolutions.