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Why us ? Be different ! - Just read more page as it is - Key Corporate Solutions & Partners (Co)

Why us ? Be different !

It’s all about sharing. Sharing our passion, sharing our vision, sharing our knowledge and aligning it yo your needs and objectives.


Travel is a consulting niche where only a few independant experts provide continuous services to customer companies.

Globaly and localy.

The world changes at a rapid pace, and so does the travel industry driven by the b to c services evolution. It is the type of industry that must change with the times, including how it conducts business, how it sells its products and services, and how each link of their supply chain works and connects with the rest of the chain.


While each brick and mortar location( one hotel) and travel service provider are similar to their counter parts, each one has a varying distribution chain they use in order to get their product and services to the customer.


A supply chain, or supply network as it is sometimes called, is a coordinated system of people, activities, information, organizations and resources involved in moving a product or service in a physical or virtual manner from the supplier, our aim is to make it simple, efficient and beneficial for you, our customer.


For now more than 16 years, we skillfully and seamlessly integrate advancing technologies with customized travel programs to address your organization’s needs.  You can count on unbiased recommendations and to work collaboratively with you, and provide guidance and success to your most complex project in line with market structure and conditions.


Our travel management consultants and partners are established leaders, having championed industry advancements.


We maintain and invest in our knowledge in a sustainable way to service you better.