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Our Vision - Just read more page as it is - Key Corporate Solutions & Partners (Co)

Our Vision

The winds of change, changing relationships, from antagonistic to collaborative, changing behavior from egocentric, customer centric to responsible and empowered.

Travel and Mice are essential to extend communication,commercial and personal relationships within all area’s of our small blue planet.


As a spend category, its complex, volatile and humane, sometime too humanesometimes not enough..


It makes it unique, fascinating and very challenging as supplier or as travel manager and buyer.


In this environment, the zero default does not exist and the components of the equation, have infinite multiples,with many variables.

The Chaos theory will sometimes, apply


You and your travelers and meeting-planners, will always remember failures, never successes.


Maximizing your spend in a virtual pricing and inventory world is an everyday challenge, with high stress, risks, and at time, variable results.


We perceive our mission as to assist you in selecting the best pragmatic and lean solutions, in line with your company culture and you management goals, in a fully dedicated fashion.


We will never disappoint you and always will build your knowhow.


"This is our commitment, it's not all about money,it's about people."  You.


J-M Kadaner